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Weston, FL


Mary Beth Bayruns created UKG’s first scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas inventory and provided a data collection improvement plan.


As a leader in HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, UKG also aims to be a leader in corporate sustainability. The first step in this process is to evaluate the company’s environmental impacts, including climate impacts. UKG chose to invest in specialty resources by hiring Mary Beth Bayruns, along with a new sustainability analyst, Sarah Eure, to quantify the company’s emissions and create their first greenhouse gas inventory; allowing UKG to pave the way to create even more specific emissions reduction goals and identify emissions reductions opportunities.


As a company born in 2020 following the merger between Kronos Incorporated and Ultimate Software, this was UKG’s first greenhouse gas inventory. Mary Beth created a structured data collection process to aid in future inventory processes. This included assessing UKG’s potential emissions sources and established points of contact for each source. Where raw consumption data was not available, she researched and utilized the best techniques to estimate consumption. After calculating emissions and finalizing the inventory, Mary Beth created a data collection improvement plan to streamline the inventory process.

Potential Impact

This greenhouse gas inventory serves as UKG’s emissions baseline and has allowed the company to begin working with consultants to set emissions reduction targets. With increased knowledge about their sources of emissions, UKG is now better positioned to identify emissions-reduction opportunities such as procuring renewable energy and carbon offsets.

The inventory data, which was also included as part of UKG’s 2022 CDP submission, will enable UKG to better determine their climate-related risks and opportunities. Additionally, with the data collection framework and improvement plan in place, UKG is better positioned to accurately calculate its greenhouse gas emissions in future years.

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