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Northbrook, IL


Ravi Agarwal worked with some of UL's building systems, discovering an efficiency plan which would pay for itself in under three years and provide annual CO2 reduction of 3000 metric tons.


Ravi Agarwal, as part of UL’s CSR sustainability initiative, worked on identifying and assessing energy efficiency opportunities at a subset of UL’s nine North American sites.


The recommendations included building system changes, employee engagement and communication recommendations and suggestions for further research. Agarwal worked with a cross-functional team to benchmark site energy performance against comparative building space in the regions, and created a baseline model for four of the sites to measure the implementation of select energy conservation measures.

Potential Impact

The estimated annual cost savings available from building system recommendations is greater than $500,000, requesting an investment of about $1.4 million, with an estimated annual CO2 reduction of 3000 metric tons (equivalent to taking 632 cars off the road annually).

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