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Clean and Renewable Energy, Data Analysis, Industrial Energy Efficiency






Tao Wu identified energy saving and cost saving opportunities, with a focus on electricity and water, in Unilever's Truliva factory.


The primary objective of Wu’s fellowship is to identify energy saving and cost saving opportunities, with a focus on electricity saving and water saving in the Truliva factory. He was expected to propose energy efficiency improvement measures and develop an optimization plan with preferable low cost, for the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.


After Tao Wu analyzed the energy consumption data, he conducted an energy-saving diagnosis and investigated the energy efficiency improvement opportunities within the factory. He evaluated the energy management system, and finally proposed 7 projects to improve it. He proposed to upgrade the factory's lighting system, build a smart energy and monitoring platform, and install solar street lights. At the same time, he designed a reclaimed water recovery system and proposed to install an induction faucet for all toilets.


These seven projects, when fully implemented, could result in 1110361 kWh of annual electricity savings and 32589 t of annual water saving, ¥1156866 annual cost savings and ¥4058883 NPV of cost savings. Since the company has bought all green electricity, the saving of electricity does not bring about a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


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