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Commercial Energy Efficiency




New York, NY


Arruda worked with UNICEF to help the organization reach its emission reduction targets.


Brazilian environmental scientist Michelle de Arruda spent her fellowship analyzing energy efficiency opportunities at Unicef headquarters in New York City. Her mission was to help the organization reach emission reduction targets set by the United Nations.


Arruda recommended several short term projects, such as PC Power Management and lighting retrofits, as well as installing light dimmers. These projects could avoid 650 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions at Unicef headquarters every year. She also recommended two projects with a longer timeline: electrical submetering and HVAC retrofits. To raise awareness and increase engagement in energy efficiency initiatives, Arruda presented her findings to Unicef offices across the country via webcast.

Potential Impact

The three projects Arruda identified, together, could reduce electricity consumption and associated carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30 percent. This would also cut utility bills by up to 20 percent.

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