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Jessica Frech developed a financial model to allow the U.S. Navy’s Resilient Energy Program Office obtain funds to ensure energy security.


The United States Department of Navy’s Resilient Energy Program Office (REPO) is in charge of executing energy resilience, alternative energy and renewable energy projects to enhance the Department energy security. However, in order to do so, REPO wanted to get a better understanding of all the resources required to effectively execute energy security projects. Jessica Frech was brought on board to develop a financial model that could better optimize, and appropriate, private and appropriated funding.


Frech approached the task using a three-part process:

Collect resource requirements. After interviewing public works officers and REPO employees, Frech identified and documented the level of effort that is required to effectively deliver energy security projects to U.S. Navy locations.

Create and validate the financial model. Frech used the data to develop a financial tool that modeled REPO’s portfolio of energy projects and forecasted the bandwidth required for executing more energy security projects in the future.

Integrate model into annual funds procurement process. She trained REPO employees on how to use the financial model to accurately communicate the resources needed each year to increase energy security.

Potential Impact

Using this financial model, REPO can procure the funds necessary for improving energy security at U.S Navy locations. As a result, the U.S. Navy will be better equipped to maintain operations during extreme weather events, avoid cyber-attacks and ensure cost-effective and high-performing energy infrastructure for day-to-day operations.

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