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Fort Bragg, NC


Carlos Solano analyzed the electric meter data for the Army's largest post, Fort Bragg.


Carlos Solano was enlisted to gather, verify and analyze all of the available electric meter data for the Army’s largest post in terms of population, Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg’s facilities portfolio consists of nearly 3,000 conditioned buildings with over 36 million square feet (excluding private housing).


Solano found many inconsistencies in the data, and if uncorrected, these would preclude any future benchmarking efforts. Solano initiated a data-auditing process and recommended the creation of a Benchmarking Associate role and/or the hiring of a Database Manager to continue this process.

He also analyzed the consumption profile at the garrison level in order to assess the realized savings from investing in technologies to manage peak consumption events vs. overall energy efficiency projects to reduce the total baseload. Solano recommended investing resources in energy efficiency initiatives as these could yield higher monetary savings – mainly due to the limited number of hours per year when peak events occur.

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