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San Francisco, CA


Lillian Liu created a dashboard and strategy blueprint to help the U.S. GSA identify which federal buildings to prioritize when rolling out electric vehicle charging infrastructure and emerging electric vehicle supply equipment technologies.


The GSA Center for Emerging Building Technologies and the GSA Center for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure enlisted Climate Corps Fellow Lillian Liu to develop a dashboard to inform decisions relating to the adoption of EV charging infrastructure.  She was tasked with visualizing the federal fleet and charging infrastructure data to facilitate federal agencies’ progress toward meeting the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) acquisition targets set forth in Executive Order 14057. 


Lillian used a three-phase approach to develop the ZEV and EVSE dashboard.  She started by conducting a stakeholder analysis and tracking down data sources.  Then she wrote a product plan and created a mock-up of the dashboard visualizations to collect initial feedback from key stakeholders.  After refining which data to visualize, she created the dashboard.

In the process of building out the dashboard, Lillian uncovered data gaps and recommended four priority projects to close the gaps.  Along with the priority projects, she delivered a GSA blueprint for EVSE adoption.  The blueprint outlined a strategy that included improving data governance and data quality, developing the proper data tools for decision-making, identifying EVSE flagship locations, and a phased-in approach for targeted EVSE investments and implementation. 

Potential Impact

Lillian’s dashboard, blueprint and policy recommendations provide a framework for GSA to test, implement and iterate how to adopt EVSE at scale for the Federal Government’s fleet.  The dashboard helps key stakeholders identify data gaps, the progress federal agencies are making against the 100% ZEV acquisition targets defined in Executive Order 14057 and how to maximize the effectiveness of EV charging infrastructure investments across federally owned properties. 

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