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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Basking Ridge, NJ


Mallett discovered and helped implement numerous energy efficiency improvements, leading to projected savings of $9.16 million, and equally impressive environmental benefits.


Ryan Mallet joined Verizon to identify energy savings.


At the company's Basking Ridge, NJ facility, Mallett analyzed a range of energy efficiency improvements in some of Verizon's largest data centers, thermal ice storage systems, lighting retrofits, and PC power management. As one of the hottest summers on record in the Northeast pushed HVAC systems and the grid to the limit, Mallett made significant contributions to projects the company had been considering including the installation of a thermal ice storage system at Verizon's headquarters located in lower Manhattan. The thermal storage system shifts production of chilled water into the nighttime hours when energy is less expensive. During the day, this stored cooling capacity can help meet the variable cooling loads of the building and delivering estimated annual savings of $420,000 as the result of reduced peak demand charges and improved efficiency of existing pumps and HVAC equipment.

In Verizon's data centers, Mallett analyzed the installation of variable frequency drive fans that dynamically respond to changes in air temperature and allow facility managers to shut down excess cooling equipment without sacrificing reliability, a hallmark of the network company. Along with other airflow measures, the project can deliver annual savings of $475,000 and is eligible for rebates that could significantly reduce the upfront capital cost. Finally, Mallett evaluated lighting retrofits at Verizon's corporate headquarters and a network data center that have the potential to save $126,000 annually.

Potential Impact

Mallett identified several promising opportunities that could save the company $9.16 million over the projects' lifetimes and 16.7 million kWh in annual energy savings, while avoiding over 8,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Where is he now?

Mallett is now a Finance & Operations Analyst at Crocs, Inc.

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