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Adriana Sanchez established ambitious emissions reduction goals for Walgreens, driving impactful sustainability initiatives.


In 2021, Walgreens Boots Alliance set a target to reduce GHG emissions 30% by 2030 based on a 2019 baseline. To continue the momentum from a previous Climate Corps fellow, Walgreens partnered with Adriana Sanchez, Sustainability Management graduate student at Columbia University and 2023 Climate Corps fellow.

Adriana worked to strengthen the company’s emissions reduction goal, devising a roadmap to attain this goal, formulating an inventory detailing the generation mix within the portfolio and constructing a tailored site-specific model.


Adriana, together with Walgreens’ decarbonization team, navigated several key learning opportunities throughout the project. Adriana conducted interviews with key stakeholders from the EnergyCare and ESG teams to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the company’s decarbonization aspirations.

Adriana also helped the team consolidate essential data into a centralized database, laying a foundation for constructing the site-level model. Adriana harnessed strategic alliances, collaborating closely with Walgreens' decarbonization team, fostering a cooperative environment, and enabling the exchange of insights and ideas to fine-tune the project's direction.

Potential Impact

The impact of Adriana's fellowship, if implemented, is substantial and far-reaching for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Walgreens’ parent company. The proposed target, aligned with the well-below 1.5°C Science-Based Targets initiative criteria, allows Walgreens to have a target that continues to be competitive in its industry.

Desired outcomes will contribute to Walgreens' reduction in energy consumption goals. The integration of renewable energy sources could propel emissions reduction at an even swifter pace, further amplifying both environmental benefits and cost savings.

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