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Clean and Renewable Energy




Shenzhen, Guangdong


Feiyu Liu helped Walmart Global Sourcing explore a feasible approach to Scope 3 carbon abatement.


Walmart Global Sourcing is implementing Project Gigaton to reduce Scope 3 emissions. In order to achieve this goal by 2030, a new approach needs to be identified to better help Walmart Global Sourcing complete this project. This approach should be acceptable and attractive to suppliers and feasible for Walmart Global Sourcing.


The most appropriate approach is to promote PV panel construction projects to suppliers. Suppliers are required to build PV panels individually with investment firms or review opportunities to work with key stakeholders to promote PV projects on a large scale in specific regions; or if suppliers have sufficient funding and a long-term plan for green energy, they can build them themselves. Walmart could create a platform to better collect and screen suppliers’ intentions, information and qualifications, and submit them to investors for evaluation. In this way, all three parties can gain benefits. 

Potential Impact

These solutions will benefit three parties. Walmart Global Sourcing can achieve carbon reductions through the use of PV power, suppliers can receive discounts on electricity, and investors can reap the rewards and start making a profit after 5 years. PV power is a fully renewable energy source, which can help suppliers achieve significant energy savings, and contribute to Walmart Global Sourcing’s Project Gigaton.

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