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Huan Tong established effective energy consumption prediction and policy evaluation models for Walmart(China).


The Department of Realty in Walmart(China) enlisted Huan Tong to build models  for analyzing the influencing factors of electricity consumption and forecasting the electricity consumption of 462 stores nationwide. She was also asked to leave retainable tools for subsequent analysis data. Walmart(China) also searches for effective utility evaluation strategies for previously implemented energy-saving projects.


Analyze the factors affecting electricity consumptionFirst clean up and sort out the equipment data of stores nationwide and establish an effective equipment account database. Based on the existing data, Huan proposed a variety of factors affecting electricity consumption and established a multiple linear regression model. She also used the statasmodel package in python to analyze the impact of each variable on the electricity consumption, and continuously changed and deleted the variables to optimize the model.

Analyze the energy saving potential of the storeHuan used the sklearn package in python to predict the electricity consumption of 73 stores across the country. The obtained power consumption forecast data was compared with the actual power consumption to evaluate the energy saving potential of each store.

•Propose an effective model for energy saving projects effect evaluationShe also established the difference-in-difference model to evaluate the effectiveness of some energy-saving projects implemented by Walmart China in 2019, and figured out the problem of the hypothesis of common trends.


The energy-saving potential of 73 stores in Walmart China was evaluated, and 30 stores with greater energy-saving potential in 2019 were identified. Among them, in the third quarter of 2019, a single store can save up to 22,276 yuan per month.

In addition, the verification results of the DID model showed that 2019 Freezer Cover and 2019 Kitchen fan VSD projects have certain energy-saving effects.


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