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Retail and Apparel

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Supply Chain




Shenzhen, Guangdong


Zhen Zhou researched circular store and package reduction solutions at Walmart China.


This fellowship serves to assist the implementation of Walmart's Project Gigaton which aims to reduce C02 emission by 1 billion tons in global value chains by 2030. The goal of this project is to conduct a comprehensive survey of the packaging of Sam's PB goods and propose improvements and explore suitable circular economy projects for Walmart China.


  • Enhance internal communication to promote the awareness of Walmart China’s associates about the importance of Sustainability, so as to integrate sustainability considerations into the business
  • Advocate sustainability practices at  private brand suppliers, including emissions, energy consumption, packaging and other indicators
  • Upgrade sustainable stores from three aspects: sustainable procurement, visual design of store, and consumer communication
  • Packaging Reduction from the three aspects: reducing unnecessary packaging, providing recycling packaging options for customers, and using single packaging material
  • Set Walmart sustainable development goals benchmark with 17 United Nations SDGs

Potential Impact

  • By combing through China's policies in the field of circular economy and plastic packaging reduction in the past few years, it provides reference for Walmart China and its suppliers to identity future policy trends, so as to averse environmental risks and identify sustainable development opportunities in advance.
  • Improving consumer’s recognition of Walmart’s private brands by redesigning product packaging.
  • Providing action plans for future ESG actions through Walmart's Sustainable Development Goals.

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