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Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




New York, NY


Eric calculated the first GHG inventory for Warburg Pincus, helping position the firm to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce their carbon emissions.


Warburg Pincus is interested in conducting its first GHG inventory at the firm-level. This baseline analysis will enable Warburg Pincus to understand the steps needed to reduce their carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. In addition, Warburg Pincus would like to establish best practices and strategies for their portfolio companies as they position themselves for a more sustainable future.


Warburg Pincus hired Eric as their 3rd EDF Fellow to evaluate the following initiatives: 

  • Calculate GHG inventory for Warburg Pincus at the firm-level. After consulting with subject matter experts, Eric calculated the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Evaluate carbon verification vendors and carbon offset providers for Warburg Pincus to validate their GHG inventory and offset their carbon emissions. Eric launched RFPs (Request for Proposal) to understand the landscape for both verification vendors and offset providers. After conducting initial interviews, Eric selected the most suitable vendors for Warburg Pincus to partner with.
  • Establish best practices for portfolio companies as they position themselves for a more sustainable future. Eric generated a playbook to help demystify carbon neutrality for specific industries.

Potential Impact

By establishing a framework and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for calculating GHG inventory, Eric enabled Warburg Pincus to estimate its first carbon footprint at the firm-level. Armed with the RFPs for vendors, Warburg Pincus will also be able to replicate this process on an annual basis in order to maintain their carbon neutrality.

In addition, achieving carbon neutrality at the firm-level signals the importance of sustainability to Warburg Pincus’s portfolio companies. Along with the playbook for best practices in carbon neutrality, Warburg Pincus will be able to collaborate with their portfolio companies to help position them for a more sustainable future.

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