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San Francisco, CA


Eliza Edge worked with WeWork to develop a Clean Commute Champion Program pilot to focus on member transportation.


WeWork sought to create a member engagement campaign with the goal of educating and influencing behavior change. The Sustainability & Wellbeing team enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Eliza Edge to develop a pilot campaign focused on transportation. The project would quantify the emissions associated with members’ commute to work and then lay out a campaign to track and reduce commuting emissions.


By analyzing data from WeWork’s 2018 Member Census survey, Edge calculated an estimate of the environmental impact of members’ commutes. After identifying a clear impact through numbers, Edge proceeded to interview stakeholders, research platforms, and build upon her own experience as a former WeWork member to develop an appropriate campaign. Edge delivered 3 versions of a “Clean Commute Champion Program” designed to leverage passionate members and empower them to clean up their commutes. WeWork was provided with recommendations on platforms to utilize in order to collect more accurate data going forward.

Potential Impact

The impact of implementing any of the engagement campaigns range from building brand awareness to members saving money, time and emissions. A separate data analysis showed that out of the members who drive alone to WeWork locations, a significant amount only drive a short distance. These short trips are low hanging fruit to focus behavior change efforts on. Implementing the Clean Commute Champion Program would reduce emissions and parking space burden, as well as contributing to brand association.

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