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Andi Abel developed a decarbonization roadmap for WSP’s US operations, crafted strategies to reduce business travel emissions, and championed a restructuring of WSP’s internal carbon tax program.


WSP is working towards achieving net zero GHG emissions across its value chain by 2040. As a widely dispersed multinational corporation, WSP tasked each of its country-level subsidiaries with driving emissions reductions in their respective regions.

WSP enlisted Andi to support this endeavor by crafting a decarbonization strategy for the company’s largest source of greenhouse gases – the US region. 


Andi’s portfolio of work completed for WSP focused on three areas:

  • GHG Emissions Reduction Roadmap: Andi estimated the emissions reductions of decarbonization activities already planned by WSP and outlined a comprehensive draft of potential future decarbonization opportunities.
  • Sustainable Business Travel Strategies: Andi crafted employee guidance for sustainable business travel and developed a methodology to calculate business travel emission budgets for WSP business groups. Andi also supported WSP’s development of a data dashboard to give better insight into the company’s travel emissions throughout the year.
  • Restructuring WSP’s Internal Carbon Tax Program: Following the initial launch of WSP’s internal carbon tax program, Andi identified various improvements that would increase the program’s overall effectiveness. Andi then developed a comprehensive plan to restructure the carbon tax program and championed it through to implementation.

Potential Impact

Andi’s work as an EDF Climate Corps fellow is helping to lay the foundation for WSP to reach its 2040 net zero goals. WSP considers his GHG reduction roadmap to be a living document that will form the basis of WSP’s official decarbonization plan moving forward. WSP is also implementing the sustainable business travel strategies and guidance Andi developed to drive behavior change and emissions reductions among WSP employees.

Finally, Andi’s improvements to WSP’s internal carbon tax program streamline the company’s access to resources to fund WSP’s decarbonization initiatives.  

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