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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy






Yiling Xiong assisted Yanfeng’s Smart Security with its ESG work, including the provision of resource pack, baseline assessment and roadmap.


Yanfeng is one of the world's most important suppliers of automotive component products. In response to global trends and international customer demand for sustainable development, its subsidiary YFSS plans to conduct ESG to enhance sustainable development. To assist YFSS, Yiling Xiong collected and integrated an ESG framework system, identified substantive ESG issues and indicators in a case study, examined corporate ESG baselines, and developed a corporate ESG roadmap.


 To develop a strategic corporate ESG plan, Yiling Xiong integrated a resource pack, conducted a baseline study, and defined a roadmap:

  • Resource Pack: Part I (Theoretical Resources) - includes ESG-related policies, standards, guidelines, ratings, and other documents, as well as all ESG issues and indicators. Part II (Case Resources)
  • Conducted a case study on the automotive manufacturing industry, providing a reference for YFSS’ future ESG practices and disclosures.
  • Baseline Assessment: identified substantive issues/indicators, and conducted a baseline assessment, revealing the current status of corporate progress in the environmental domain.
  • Roadmap: Providean an outline of a two-stage roadmap for Yanfeng’s ESG (environmental domain) practices. 

Potential Impact

Through literature, reports, and website research, Yiling Xiong developed an integrated resource pack to provide theoretical specifications and case references for YFSS. The roadmap also provides references on management systems, target setting, data tools, and ESG reporting under environmental issues for ESG implementation. In addition, Yiling Xiong and YFSS’ EHS team jointly organized publicity and training events to enhance ESG and environmental awareness among employees.

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