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Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy






As an EDF Climate Corps fellow, Roshini worked with Zomato’s decarbonization team to support the preparation of a preliminary response to the CDP Climate Change Report.


Zomato, a leading online food delivery company, planned to create a CDP report as a part of its efforts to improve investor confidence and transparency related to climate change. The primary goals of this project included creating a preliminary response for the CDP climate change questionnaire, identifying the performance gap, and providing recommendations to improve.


  • Collected data from public reports and internal stakeholder discussions, to create a draft response based on the current climate-related performance of the company.
  • Calculated scores of each response based on CDP scoring criteria and identified gaps.
  • Performed a peer response review exercise and evaluated best practices, followed by Indian and international peers. 

Potential Impact

Based on gaps she identified and the peer benchmarking exercise, Roshini provided areas of improvement and weightage for each recommendation as a percentage increase in scores within the score tracking tool. The impact of each recommendation on total CDP scores will support Zomato in prioritizing key action items. 

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