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Data Analysis, Industrial Energy Efficiency




Boston, MA

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450 metric tons


Xiaoding Zhou identified opportunities for energy efficiency within Cabot Corporation, and performed an energy consumption analysis on one of the company’s product lines.


Xiaoding Zhou spent the summer in Billerica, MA at the Business and Technology Center for Cabot Corporation, a global specialty chemicals and performance materials company.


Working with Cabot’s facilities department and outside contractors, Zhou identified a number of energy efficiency projects including HVAC upgrades and lighting retrofits. Additionally, Zhou performed an analysis on the energy consumption of one of Cabot’s major product lines and compared it to alternative products. Zhou identified opportunities for efficiency, which could result in a competitive product that is less carbon-intensive. 

Potential Impact

In total, her projects could save Cabot $126,000 over their lifetimes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 450 metric tons.


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