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Diana Sanchez analyzed operations onboard Carnival Cruise Line ships to help them cast energy inefficiencies astern.


At Carnival Corporation, Diana Sanchez interviewed crew members and analyzed operations onboard several cruise ships to identify energy efficiency projects in lighting, HVAC and kitchen hardware. 


In terms of lighting, Sanchez identified areas on the ship that leave their lights on 24 hours a day, even though they are utilized only about a third of that time. She recommended that Carnival install occupancy sensors, which would shut the lights off when the areas are unoccupied. To improve HVAC efficiency, Sanchez recommended installing frequency converters on the fans of air handling units in several public spaces. In cruise ship "galleys," or kitchens, Sanchez recommended replacing current equipment with ENERGY STAR appliances.

Potential Impact 

Sanchez’s recommendation to install occupancy sensors could save the company approximately $16,000 per year; her suggestion regarding frequency converters could capture annual savings of more than $25,000, and the installation of ENERGY STAR compliant appliances could save Carnival approximately $11,000 per year. These recommendations, in addition to others made by Sanchez, could save Carnival more than 400,000 kilowatt hours annually on every ship. Her recommendations could be scaled across the entire Carnival fleet of 124 ships.


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