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Xuechun Bao was enlisted to conduct the carbon footprint survey on Kingfisher’s top 100 suppliers.


In February 2019, Kingfisher announced ambitious new targets to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its business, products, and supply chains. Starting from this year, Kingfisher Offer & Sourcing HK&SH, as the sourcing and procurement division of the Kingfisher group planned to assess its supply chain carbon emission status by comparing it to the base year 2017. Under this background, Xuechun Bao was enlisted to conduct the carbon footprint survey on Kingfisher’s top 100 suppliers in sixth continuous year and evaluate the effects of Kingfisher’s energy saving program.


Bao focused her work on improving the accuracy of the data. During the survey tools preparation stage, she improved the carbon footprint tool and survey guideline, and created a sample to help suppliers better understand how to use the tool. During the data collection stage, Bao verified suppliers’ baseline emission data and build a database containing Kingfisher’s top 100 suppliers’ data in the past three years so that less time will be needed to confirm the accuracy of the data. With the data collected, Bao identified a few suppliers with high intensity and found that Kingfisher’s top 10 scope 3 emission source suppliers were responsible for more than half of the emission to Kingfisher. For Kingfisher’s energy saving program, Bao verified all of their baseline emission data and evaluated the general effects. She also further found out reasons for the increase in intensity of a few suppliers.  Bao recommended Kingfisher to send customized survey emails to suppliers and develop a roadmap for its science-based target goal achievement.


With the verified baseline data of the top 100 survey program and energy saving program, Kingfisher can gain a more accurate view of its supply chain carbon emission status by comparing suppliers’ data with their baseline. The database built by Bao will help Kingfisher improve the accuracy of data collection in the future. The supplier emission impact analysis will help Kingfisher identify potential participants for its energy saving program.

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