Alumni Profiles

Our talented and motivated alumni fellows pursue a number of exciting sustainability careers, across a variety of sectors and industries. A breakdown of our alumni network careers can be found here

A few EDF Climate Corps alumni have shared their stories--from where they started to where they are today.   

Radhika Lalit

Senior Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute

Ten years ago, Radhika Lalit was invigorated by a new sense of purpose and determination: Instead of helping people adapt to a changing climate, she was going to stop it from happening.



Jess Newman

Director, U.S. Agronomy, Anheuser Busch InBev

Having grown up in a family of gardeners it was only natural that Jess Newman would develop a love for the environment. And it wasn’t long before it became her mission to protect it. Jess realized that to achieve the change she wanted, she had to work with the “movers and shakers” in the private sector. So when a position in raw materials procurement at Anheuser-Busch opened up, she knew she had found a perfect fit.

Tyler Van Leeuwen

Group Carbon Opportunities Manager, Royal Dutch Shell

What’s something you don’t hear often? An environmentalist working in big oil. As a Group Carbon Opportunities Manager at Royal Dutch Shell, Tyler Van Leeuwen identifies and implements innovative ways that the company can reduce its own CO2 emissions, as well as those of its customers.

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