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  • The Greener Side of Freight Transportation

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | December 2, 2015

    This summer I had the opportunity to work with Port Freeport, a deep-water seaport in Freeport, Texas, on developing a new supply chain strategy from scratch. This new strategy of shipping cargo over water instead of on the highway could lead to a reduction of truck trips, greenhouse gases, cost to shippers and safety for drivers on highways.

  • Top Takeaways from the Energy Solutions Exchange, Day 2

    Scott Wentzell | October 23, 2015

    Much like day one of the Energy Solutions Exchange, day two didn’t disappoint. Before I head off to join the attendees on our brewery tour, I wanted to share three final takeaways from today’s Energy Solutions Exchange:

  • Top Takeaways from the Energy Solutions Exchange, Day 1

    Scott Wentzell | October 22, 2015

    Listening to the speakers today at EDF’s Energy Solutions Exchange, I knew I was in the right room. Puns about LED lighting were made – and appreciated. Microgrids were spelled out on power point presentations as “µ-grids.” VFDs were touted as important albeit not photogenic. And when asked, “Who here knows what CHP is?” almost every hand was raised....

  • Good Governance for Sustainability

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | October 6, 2015

    The NYC school system is the largest school district in the United States. It is comprised of over 1,800 schools and 1.1 million students. This scale presents a great opportunity for promoting and implementing sustainability. Not only can school buildings be made more energy and water efficient, but also, the students can be made aware of sustainability by tying the built environment into the curriculum. 

  • Business is Ready for “Reforming the Energy Vision” in New York

    Jacob Robinson | October 5, 2015

    During the last year, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has continued to observe and nourish the growing appetite among America’s business community to move together on carbon reduction. This movement should not be understated, especially as New York regulators continue to move forward with the “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) proceeding.

  • Turning Up the Heat on Energy Efficiency

    Guest Author | September 22, 2015

    I was already level with the roof on a ladder when my General Motors supervisor pointed out the irony of my situation. As an Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps fellow, I was destroying the homes of the young maple tree seedlings trying to grow in the rain gutter of a Detroit home. I’m all for trees, but not when they take up residence in a rain gutter...

  • Real Energy and Cost Savings. Right Now. Here, in Texas.

    EDF Staff | August 28, 2015

    This year, 12 Texas companies and public sector entities hosted fellows, and this got us to thinking, what kind of evolution and impact has the Climate Corps program had in Texas over the years?

  • Denver Housing Authority Sets Bar for Municipalities Nationwide

    EDF Staff | August 27, 2015

    The Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver (DHA), therefore, deserves praise for its innovative solar power program that not only provides renewable energy, but creates revenue for the housing authority, creates green jobs in the region and saves taxpayers’ money – all the while reflecting the spirit of the federal Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, which looks to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent by the year 2020.  

  • Chicago, DC, NYC, Oh My! EDF Climate Corps Network Events around the Country

    Kate Hanley | July 24, 2015

    While the summer is usually time for our fellows to be deeply involved in their summer projects, last week, we gathered current fellows and other EDF Climate Corps network members in three different cities across the crountry to meet, mingle and discuss the work that they are all concentrating on. 

  • How Energy Managers are Getting More Out of Their Lunch Hour

    Kate Hanley | July 13, 2015

    Looking for a productive way to spend your lunch hour? Look no further than EDF Climate Corps’ Energy Efficiency Expertise (3E) Webinar Series!


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