#EnergyUnwrapped: A new hashtag about energy saving opportunities

Kelly Jones | December 13, 2013

#EnergyUnwrappedIn the true spirit of the giving season, EDF Climate Corps is crowdsourcing innovative ideas to save energy and green businesses. We will post about energy saving solutions we’ve helped organizations find, and we will also encourage others to share their ideas using the hashtag #EnergyUnwrapped on twitter and facebook. The goal is to inspire a conversation filled with useful project ideas, best practices, tools and strategies discovered this year to enable even greater energy savings in 2014.

If your organization has found a clever way to decrease energy consumption or manage energy use in a smarter way, post a tweet or comment about it with the hashtag #EnergyUnwrapped. If you’re looking for new ideas on how to reduce your energy use, follow the discussion throughout the month of December to learn from the conversation.

Whether you are installing your first LED bulb or completing a fuel cell project, we want to hear from you!

Tell us about the energy saving opportunities just waiting to be unwrapped.

The top five shares posted with the hashtag #EnergyUnwrapped will be highlighted on the EDF Climate Corps blog in January.


About EDF Climate Corps 
EDF Climate Corps (edfclimatecorps.org) taps the talents of tomorrow’s leaders to save energy, money and the environment by placing specially-trained EDF fellows in companies, cities and universities as dedicated energy problem solvers. Working with hundreds of leading organizations, EDF Climate Corps has uncovered nearly $1.3 billion in energy savings. For more information, visit edfclimatecorps.org. Read our blog at edfclimatecorps.org/blog. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/edfbiz and on Facebook at facebook.com/EDFClimateCorps.