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  • Where You'll Find Us in August and a Look Ahead

    Monica Michaan | August 6, 2012

    This cruel, cruel summer has gone by faster than most of us expected, and racing in our direction is a busy fall full of great conferences - take a look at where we’ll be this fall.

  • Saving Energy One Crab At A Time

    Guest Author | August 3, 2012

    By Greg Andeck, EDF Utility Initiative Manager

    Imagine the embarrassment of leaving your office lights turned on and returning to find a giant fiddler crab sitting on your desk.  This fishy situation is all part of a fun social experiment in uptown Charlotte, to remind employees to shut of their lights when leaving the office.

  • Native Philosophies Unite with EDF Fellow’s Objectives

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | July 31, 2012

    By: Erika Dahl and David King, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellows at Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, MBA candidate at Western Carolina University School of Business and MS candidate at Appalachian State University Department of Technology and Design

    Organization: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI)

    Opportunity: Impact EBCI's next generation of environmental leaders

    Summary: The cultural values of the Cherokee may leverage energy savings as great as those from a lighting or HVAC upgrade, thanks to a collaboration between Sacred Path – a tribal education group at Eastern Band of Cherokee – and EDF Climate Corps.

  • Attention EDF Climate Corps Network, We’re Hiring!

    Katie Ware | July 27, 2012

    EDF Climate Corps is a complex and rapidly evolving program. And we’re looking for someone to run its operations. So the EDF Climate Corps Team thought, “Who better to help spread the word than our loyal blog subscribers?”

  • A Conversation with National Geographic’s Sustainability Trailblazers

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | July 26, 2012

    Fellow: Katie DeWitt, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at National Geographic Society, MBA candidate at University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business

    Organization: National Geographic (Nat Geo)

    Opportunity: A decade of experience in sustainable and energy-efficient operations

    Summary: On my first day at National Geographic (Nat Geo), I was given a tour of the company's extensive sustainability infrastructure. It was immediately clear that my challenge as an EDF Climate Corps fellow wasn't to convince the operations staff the value of energy efficiency, but to identify additional eco-business opportunities for Nat Geo.

  • Shorenstein Fellow Reflects on Returning to EDF Climate Corps for Year Number Two

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | July 23, 2012

    Fellow: Jaxon Love, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at Shorenstein, MBA/MAcc Graduate at Lundquist School of Business, University of Oregon

    Organization: Shorenstein

    Opportunity: Jaxon Love began his 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellowship a year ahead of the pack

    Summary: Jaxon Love is one of three 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellows participating in the program for a second year in a row. He was a fellow at Shorenstein in 2011 and is currently halfway through his second fellowship at the firm. We caught up with him to ask what brought him back.

  • Finding the Silver Buckshot: Change that Sticks

    Andrew Willens | July 20, 2012

    A good idea taken to scale can be surprisingly powerful, and EDF Climate Corps fellows are bursting with good ideas. Making sure these ideas are brought to fruition, however, can be tough.

    "One common theme for all of us is the need to make change sustainable after we leave our organizations," Patrick Murphy, EDF Climate Corps fellow at Commonwealth Financial Network, said.

    EDF Climate Corps fellows' solutions for this tend to fall into two categories: cultivate culture or appoint an advocate.

  • Big Data – Launch Pad For Big Ideas

    EDF Staff | July 20, 2012

    By: Andy Darrell

    When the internet came along, it transformed our relationship to big data – unleashing innovation, markets and, yes, funny dog videos at a global scale.  “Big data” is all the rage these days in the energy sector, as investors, utilities and consumers wake up to what smart use of data can do for them.

    A few weeks ago, I posted about Clean Heat – a project in which organizing data about buildings attracted nearly $100 million to finance upgrades to cleaner heating systems.  If we can cut soot pollution from heating oil in New York City 50% by 2013 with the power of open data  … what opportunities might be out there at even bigger scales?

    This week, EDF teamed up with the White House, Google and HonestBuildings to pull together a “data jam” at Google’s New York City headquarters in the impossibly hip meatpacking district of Manhattan.  Todd Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer, kicked of a brainstorm among  tech entrepreneurs, energy experts, finance whizzes, web designers and government agencies, to answer this question:  if government makes its energy data open and computer-friendly, what could entrepreneurs invent to “improve energy outcomes for families and businesses?”

  • Need New Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency? Search our database

    Katie Ware | July 19, 2012

    Now you can simplify your search for energy efficiency. EDF Climate Corps is opening its database to readers like you who want to cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Sort through case studies by project or facility type, search participating organizations by industry or location, and view fellows by school.

  • Are We Entering the Post-Green Team Era?

    EDF Staff | July 16, 2012

    Are we on a path that moves us beyond volunteer green teams onto one in which sustainability is so deeply embedded into corporate culture, goals and business practices that every job is a “green job”? Or is employee engagement just another “to do” for already over-stretched sustainability teams?