EDF Climate Corps Blog: Posts from Climate Corps Fellows

  • The Faces of EDF Climate Corps: Part 1

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | March 11, 2013

    This blog post is the first in a series, highlighting the 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellows– and their plans for breaking down the barriers to energy efficiency at their host organizations. In this segment, hear stories from fellows at Ascension Health, Hilex Poly and New York City Housing Authority. 

  • New Case Study Confirms Big Savings from Shorenstein's Corporate Energy Efficiency Program

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | January 11, 2013

    Shorenstein Properties is a real estate company that manages more than 25 million square feet of commercial building space across the United States. As the Sustainability Program Manager here at Shorenstein (and an EDF Climate Corps alum), efficient energy use across this portfolio remains top of mind for me.

  • Going Green at Southern University

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | October 24, 2012

    Fellow: Affuembey Enow Affuembey, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at Southern University and A&M College, MBA candidate at Southern University and A&M College, College of Business

    Organization: Southern University and A&M College

    Opportunity: 8 buildings and over $270,000 in energy efficiency and water savings

    Summary: As a student of Southern University, I’ve taken many walks around campus and seen that the school is “going green.” But this summer my view was completely different – I was on campus as an employee of the Office of Facility Services and Architectural Planning, not a student. My job was to help the school “green” itself even more.

  • Pfizer Cuts GHGs 20%, Employees Follow Suit

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | October 23, 2012

    Fellow: Jason Sekhon, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at Pfizer Inc., MBA/MS candidate at University of Michigan Erb Institute

    Organization: Pfizer Inc.

    Opportunity: Over 100,000 employees at the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company

    Summary: Pfizer is already well on its way to company-wide sustainability, and I'm glad to be contributing by writing employee engagement plan and EnergyStar strategies.

  • Hidden water, growing costs: My summer uncovering potential water savings at AT&T facilities

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | September 25, 2012

    I distinctly remember watching “An Inconvenient Truth” when the documentary was first released. It struck a deep emotional chord in me. I felt an obligation to do something but did not know where to begin. 

    That changed this summer. As an EDF Climate Corps fellow working with the water and energy sustainability team at AT&T, I finally found a way to translate my passion into action.

  • Finding Ways that Work in The Carlyle Group’s Investment Process

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | September 13, 2012

    Fellow: Jennifer Le, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at The Carlyle Group, MBA Candidate at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University

    Organization: The Carlyle Group

    Opportunity: The Carlyle Group is a global alternative asset manager with more than $156 billion in assets under management across 99 funds and 63 fund of funds vehicles.

  • Borrowing the Benefits: Equipment Leasing at Boston Schools

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | September 6, 2012

    Fellow: Britta Victor, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at Boston Public Schools, MEM candidate at Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment

    Organization: Boston Public Schools

    Opportunity: 125 Boston school buildings, all associated municipal buildings and the minds of 57,000 students

    Summary: With a limited capital budget, Boston Public Schools needs a new way to pay for the energy efficiency measures that will save serious energy dollars. I worked on a new plan to use an equipment lease to acquire energy efficiency measures, and to use the resulting savings to make the lease payments. Using this technique in just five of its schools, Boston could save more than $2 million.

  • Catalyzing Change at Lane College

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | August 29, 2012

    Fellow: Meredith Rowland, 2012 EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Lane College, MPA candidate at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

    Organization: Lane College

    Opportunity: An energy efficient future for a 130-year-old academic institution.

    Summary: Infrastructural barriers within an organization often prevent employees from pursuing innovative energy efficiency projects. As a Climate Corps fellow at Lane College, I acted as catalyst for change among campus stakeholders.

  • EDF Climate Corps Fellow Helps REI Examine Buildings of the Future: Net Zero Energy Buildings

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | August 17, 2012

    Fellow: Kristen Demeter, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at REI (Recreational Equipment Inc. ), Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University

    Organization: REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.)

    Opportunity: The chance to revolutionize the way a building consumes energy

    Summary: What if a building could be so efficient that it didn’t need to buy any energy? REI fellow Kristen Demeter found that this is more than possible – it has already been done! "Net Zero Energy Buildings" are technologically advanced facilities that minimize their energy needs through a process called "integrated design;" what little energy they still need is provided by onsite, renewable generation.

  • Measuring Performance to Drive Results – Cummins' Energy Management Scorecard

    EDF Climate Corps fellow | August 14, 2012

    Fellow: Michael Norbeck, 2012 EDF Climate Corps fellow at Cummins Inc., MPA Candidate at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

    Opportunity: Energy use and CO2 emissions from a global portfolio of over 600 facilities

    Summary: You’re a multinational engine manufacturing company that has set ambitious enterprise-wide targets for energy intensity and CO2 emissions reduction. Facilities are a key component of your energy footprint, and therefore your carbon footprint as well. How do you drive the energy management performance you need to meet your targets? Start by understanding how your facilities are using energy, and why.