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Hongyi Wang and Jikai Wang supported bp with market fundamental analysis of China National Emission Trading System.


Given bp’s 2050 net zero target, the company is interested in understanding the National Emission Trading System (ETS). bp expected Hongyi Wang and Jikai Wang to review China ETS’s general policy and framework and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis relative to the national ETS.


1. Conducted literature review and policy summary:

  • Organized the development progress and landmarks of China ETS and generate progress timeline
  • Interpreted national policies such as China ETS’s management method (trial), registration, trading & settlement methods
  • Followed ETS movements after launch on July 16th
  • Analyzed China’s NDC and its relationship to IPCC

2. Developed quantitative methodology for China ETS analysis:

  • Helped understand China ETS’s benchmarking method
  • Conducted market fundamental analysis

3. Conducted preliminary data analysis:

  • Generate high-level insights on key market players and stakeholders depending on needs of different bp business units

4. Helped to understand carbon demand of specific industries, support the core designing of carbon management tools, and product’s road-to-market.

Potential Impact

Research package and internal presentations brought the latest and most comprehensive information about China ETS to bp, benefiting various bp business units.
Additionally, the internship generated comprehensive quantitative market analysis and insights that may facilitate bp’s future business growth opportunities in China.

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