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Yujia Xiao helped bp China analyze GHG emissions and conduct climate policy research.


bp China, the China executive office of bp group, a multinational energy company, with ambitions of achieving net zero by 2050 or sooner, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Yujia Xiao to identify and monitor greenhouse gas emissions’ trends, sources and structures both worldwide and in China. She also helped identify the decarbonization levers in Chinese climate policies, which could help bp China gain in-depth insights on China’s national Emission Trading System (ETS).


After conducting research on GHG emissions sources in China and worldwide, as well as interviewing dozens of staff and experts from the energy, climate policy, strategy and operations teams within bp China, Yujia firstly verified that the various global and Chinese GHG databases are compatible for comparison studies in order to identify the dominate emission sources.

Then she created a checklist and an emission database for regional entities and reorganized the emission database into a process-based one that supports Business Unit Leaders (BULs) to better identify GHG emissions reduction opportunities. Finally she mapped the climate policies with identifying the current key decarbonization levers in China and made detailed analysis on the National ETS, which is one of the most prominent incentive climate policies in China.


As bp continues to make efforts to achieve its net zero goal, China’s clean energy transition is expected to play a crucial role in helping bp Group achieve its 10 aims. Yujia’s findings and analysis could help bp: 

  • Serve as bp China’s knowledge resource on GHG effects and numbers; 
  • facilitate bp China understanding on current GHG emissions’ structures and trends on the country level
  • analyse China’s decarbonization levers and assess the company’s opportunities to participate in China’s national ETS.
  • Provide important strategic insights on how bp China can deliver bp Group ambitions through an integrated approach

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