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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Islandia, NY

Brian Newton identified energy efficiency measures at the Islandia, New York headquarters of CA Technologies. Newton focused on three main areas during his fellowship: the data center, lighting and the HVAC system.

Assisting the Data Center operations team, Newton helped further the adoption of a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software suite, which when fully installed will allow CA Technologies to comfortably raise the ambient temperature within the data center and turn off unnecessary air conditioning units. Secondly, by organizing the Lighting Management System (LMS), Newton discovered several areas where excess lighting could be turned off without affecting site operations. Newton also revealed many areas in which less efficient lighting fixtures could be upgraded to vastly more efficient models without excessive capital costs. Finally, Newton found areas within the HVAC system, including chiller startup and supply temperature set-points, which could be modified to achieve sizable reductions in overall energy use.

Overall, the fellowship helped identify opportunities that could reduce CA Technologies’ annual energy consumption by more than two million kilowatt hours, possibly saving the company over $188,000 and 1,400 metric tons of carbon emissions each year.

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