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Anita Peter developed near-and long-term emissions reduction targets, in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) criteria.


Chemonics is an employee-owned international development consulting firm that works in more than 75 countries around the globe. Chemonics hosted Anita Peter, an Impact MBA student at Colorado State University.

Her fellowship focused on analyzing the organization’s global greenhouse gas emissions inventory and crafting near- and long-term science-based emissions reduction targets to drive decarbonization efforts companywide.


Anita used the following strategies:

  • Emissions Analysis: A thorough review was conducted on base year and most recent year GHG emissions inventories companywide.
  • Research: A deep dive into GHG Protocol guidance for scope boundaries and methodology was conducted. In addition, Anita conducted research into the science-based target initiative criteria, target-setting guidelines, and validation protocol. Research on industry peers and benchmarking was also performed.
  • Collaboration: Through collaboration with peers and industry experts, and participation in several webinars and EDF cohort working sessions, the approach to GHG emissions inventories and science-based targets was comprehensively assessed from diverse sectors, pinpointing effective mitigation strategies.
  • Target Formation: Science-based targets were meticulously crafted, aligning with global climate objectives. These targets encompassed feasible pathways for practical implementation. This approach ensured rigorous, responsible, and actionable GHG reduction objectives.

Potential Impact

Setting science-based targets will align Chemonics’ actions with climate science, curbing emissions and mitigating global warming. This fosters sustainability, enhances reputation, attracts investors, and drives innovation, ultimately safeguarding our planet’s future and building resilient business strategy.

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