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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Dallas, TX

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Annual kWh Savings:

3,000,000 kWh


Ani Krishnan recommended opportunities for energy efficiency within departments of the City of Dallas.


During his EDF Climate Corps fellowship with the City of Dallas, Ani Krishnan was hired to work with multiple departments to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency.


First, Krishnan recommended adopting no-cost power management software for Dallas's desktop personal computers. 

Second, Krishnan examined the benefits of a preventive maintenance plan for municipally owned equipment. The plans can have a positive impact on employee comfort, equipment efficiency and equipment life. 

Third, after analyzing the city’s electricity bills, Krishnan recommended the adoption of a comprehensive, software-based energy management system to help the city measure savings from existing energy efficiency projects and to identify further opportunities to reduce energy use.

Potential Impact

Krishnan’s proposed power management project could reduce the city’s annual electricity use by 3 million kilowatt hours and its utility bills by $170,000, and his preventative maintenance plan could increase equipment cooling capacity by 50 percent and increase energy efficiency by 30 percent.

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