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Noah Mitchell-Ward developed data and resources to accelerate City of Dallas fleet electrification and charging infrastructure installation.


The City of Dallas has adopted a Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP), wherein the City’s climate plan is broken into 8 goals and 97 actions. In support of the CECAP transportation goals to electrify new transit and light duty fleet purchases by 2030, achieve a fully electric fleet by 2040, and have 1,500 public EV chargers in Dallas by 2030, Noah Mitchell-Ward developed data resources to enable fleet electrification studies and planning.


In order to best support the City’s current vehicle electrification efforts, Mitchell-Ward focused on three main projects:

  1. Kickstart fleet electrification study partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL): Mitchell-Ward was responsible for sourcing and transforming data required by NREL to perform this study, and in doing so, compiled and analyzed data across multiple departments and sources, including fleet inventory, fuel and electricity pricing, and GPS databases in order to provide NREL with a comprehensive picture of the City’s fleet.
  2. Promote electric vehicle charging development and grant opportunities: Mitchell-Ward communicated with departmental stakeholders, grant administrators, and construction managers in order to enable internal City departments to install electric vehicle charging for employees and the public.
  3. Create a GIS resource for future EV and EVSE development and planning: Mitchell-Ward translated data from local, regional, and federal sources into accessible maps showing the state of EV and EVSE deployment in Dallas. These maps not only include vehicle electrification data, but also incorporate environmental justice information, City infrastructure, and demographic data.

Potential Impact

Over 1,500 light duty vehicles have the potential to be recommended for electrification when replaced, pending the results of NREL’s fleet electrification study for the City of Dallas. The study will also determine the best approach for larger fleet electrification, including charging recommendations and cost of ownership estimates.

EV charging development and grant opportunity promotion may lead to up to 20 new locations for EV charging at City facilities.

Additionally, access to mapping resource regarding EV infrastructure distribution and equity considerations will inform future City vehicle electrification development efforts.

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