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Annual CO2 Reductions:

400,000 metric tons


Fiona Li spearheaded the creation of a toolkit to integrate Colgate-Palmolive’s new 2025 Sustainability Strategy, including renewable electricity, into its Global Supply Chain manufacturing facilities.


Colgate-Palmolive is working  to embed the 2025 Sustainability Vision and Strategy into its Global Supply Chain operations. Within the new strategy, they aspire to scale the procurement and facility strategies to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Fiona Li was enlisted to advance the global deployment of the new sustainability strategy, and to scale the evaluation and reporting within the renewable electricity program.


Fiona approached this opportunity through the following activities:

  • Conducting a gap analysis and gathering requirements to clearly define the two project’s deliverables by understanding the leadership’s vision and then refining the ideas with subject matter experts for implementation success. 

  • Creating the Operational Sustainability Roadmap Toolkit to galvanize team members’ support and offer guidance for a cross-functional, multi-stakeholder ownership approach in advancing sustainability initiatives. The toolkit highlights targets within the global strategy where operations will have a high impact along with the recommended supporting activities and KPIs in those areas. A set of templates, best practices, and workshop instructions is included to empower team members to create a localized roadmap and report progress against it.

  • Standardizing the Renewable Electricity program to inform leadership decisions in the rapid procurement of renewable electricity. Standardization included simplifying and future-proofing the existing database and creating an on-cost calculator.


The operational sustainability roadmap toolkit will be rolled out to over 17,000 employees in more than 30 countries and 100 sites. By removing the guesswork on how operations can approach an array of sustainability areas, Colgate-Palmolive will be able to take leaps towards creating a healthy and sustainable future globally with the new strategy fully-embedded. 

With the standardization of the renewable electricity program, leadership decisions will be informed by better reporting and more cohesive evaluations. The transition to 100% renewable electricity has the potential to remove over 400,000MT CO2e from their gross global Scope 2 (purchased electricity) emissions.


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