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Zhiting Wei made a thorough compressed air system energy-saving plan for Colgate.


The Huangpu plant of Colgate is located in Guangzhou. Founded in 1992, it is Colgate's first plant in China. After 28 years of operation, the Huangpu factory is currently facing a problem of high energy consumption. For this reason, in cooperation with EDF, Zhiting Wei was invited to solve the energy consumption problem of the factory.


Zhiting Wei approached the challenge using a three-part process:

  • Identify goals. Zhiting Wei divided the power consumption of the whole plant into four parts: production equipment, air conditioning, compressed air system, and lighting. Based on the proportion of electricity consumed by various parts, energy-saving trends in recent years, and personal internship time, Zhiting Wei identified the Compressed Air System Energy-saving Program as the most appropriate fit. 

  • Determine the energy-saving plan. After literature research, Zhiting Wei inspected several mainstream compressed air system energy-saving solutions in the industry. After investigating the actual situation of the Huangpu factory, three energy-saving solutions with high energy efficiency have been determined.

  • Introduce leak detection equipment. To detect air leakage, Zhiting Wei introduced Fluke ii900 to realize the visualization of air leakage.


1. Using Fluke ii900 for leakage detection, an energy-saving opportunity of 68,000 yuan/year was discovered.

2. For the energy-saving of the air compressor system in the future, three energy-saving schemes have been determined: leakage detection, start-stop sequence adjustment of air compressor, air compressor replacement.

3. Based on Pareto‘s principle, it is clarified that the main energy-saving direction is the energy saving of the injection molding machine in the future.

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