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Commercial Energy Efficiency




San Jose, CA

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Net Present Value:


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Annual kWh Savings:

6,997,000 kWh

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

4,857 metric tons


Megan Rast identified four energy efficiency projects with positive NPV and paybacks of less than two years.


See eBay discuss its success with the EDF Climate Corps program.


As an EDF Climate Corps fellow interning at eBay Inc., Megan Rast took the challenge to make the business case for energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives this summer before returning for her second year at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. While at eBay's San Jose headquarters this summer, Rast provided valuable expertise as a sustainability expert, calculated the energy and cost savings of seven energy efficiency projects for computer power management and lighting, as well as engaged external and internal stakeholders on renewable energy opportunities.


Of the 7 energy efficiency projects calculated, Rast recommended deployment of the four energy efficiency projects with a positive NPV and a payback period less than two years. These include purchase of computer power management software for all units, immediately replacing all computers deployed for over three years, increasing ongoing upgrades to Windows 7, and upgrading the lighting to the latest T-8s.

Potential Impact

The recommended energy efficiency projects when fully implemented, could result in 6,996,549 kWh of annual electricity savings, more than $1.5 million NPV of cost savings, and 4,857 metric tons of CO2 emissions reductions, and have an average simple payback period of 1.16 years. With such clear savings defined by Rastand an actionable plan in place, eBay has completed a lighting retrofit in a 60,000-square-foot building on its San Jose campus. The firm is also currently underway with a project to install PC power management software for all units.

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