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Commercial Energy Efficiency




San Jose, CA


Maguire focused on air-flow and server usage to uncover possible savings of $100,000 for eBay, in addition to setting an example for eBay's data storage centers nation-wide.


Gabrielle Maguire spent her summer as an EDF Climate Corps fellow at the eBay headquarters in San Jose, California. She focused on demonstrating how eBay’s on-campus data storage centers could mirror the efficiency measures that it had already employed for its remote data centers.


Maguire implemented an analysis of server port activity to determine server usage and enable a decommissioning of unused servers. She also identified savings opportunities by better controlling the air-flow of the cooling system.

Potential Impact 

The combined annual savings of the projects could be $100,000 and reduce CO2 emissions by 328 metric tons per year. This will set a precedent for eBay’s on-campus data storage centers nation-wide.

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