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Wenxuan Ren conducted an energy consumption assessment and identified energy saving opportunities.


Emerson Professional Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has committed to the goal of reducing 10% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2028. In order to achieve this target, identifying the energy potential and the energy saving opportunities in this factory are the foundation for action. Wenxuan Ren analyzed energy efficiency and developed an overarching energy-saving strategy.


Ren improved the basic energy consumption database which shown that 82% electricity consumption is attributed to the machining and assembly areas and the remaining 18% consumption is utilized by the administration office.
According to an energy efficiency analysis, there are energy saving opportunities in compressed air, painting line, and exhaust towers. She analyzed the feasibility of implementing, and recommended a combination of projects, including:

  • Implementing the air leaking management of air compression.
  • Retrofitting the curing chamber of the painting line by using the gas catalyst infrared heating system to replace the current hot air circulation system.
  • Employing frequency converter of exhaust tower.

Potential Impact

These projects, when fully implemented, could result in 595,633 kWh of annual energy savings and 213,125 kg/year of CO2 emissions reductions. The specific energy utilization upgrades could reduce electricity consumption by 8.4% and fuel consumption by 50% every year. Meanwhile, the annual carbon emissions could reduce by approximately 15%. The energy efficiency strategy will cost roughly 1,580,182 CNY in initial investment but has a short payback period of only 3-4 years. This strategy could support Emerson to realize the reduction target much earlier than 2028.

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