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Climate Justice/Energy Equity, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




New York, NY


Brandon Rothrock surveyed and interviewed 18 EDF programs on Environmental Justice (EJ) work and lead authored EDF’s first Annual Environmental Justice Report.


Guided by science and economics, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a leading environmental NGO that finds practical and lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF is critically examining their role in addressing disproportionate environmental burdens on disadvantaged communities. The Environmental Defense Fund enlisted Climate Corps fellow Brandon Rothrock to conduct a landscape analysis of Environmental Justice work across programs and synthesize findings into an Annual Environmental Justice Report. 


Rothrock created a 34-question Landscape Analysis survey based off of EDF’s EJ and Equity Vision and Principles and environmental justice data collected by senior management. The Landscape Analysis survey was distributed to 18 EDF programs, departments, and workstreams. Rothrock interviewed program staff and organized survey data into spreadsheets to be utilized for EDF’s first Annual Environmental Justice Report. He drafted the annual report to include baseline data for EJ-related work occurring across the organization, and highlighted areas for growth in EDF’s EJ programming.

Aside from the Landscape Analysis and report writing, Brandon also drafted proof of concepts for EJ-related pilots, assisted the Environmental Justice Council with intake forms, and conducted interviews and survey collection for a related EJ and Equity Vision and Principles Alignment Report.

Potential Impact

Rothrock drafted and executed EDF’s first-ever baseline assessment of environmental justice work. The survey and interview methods outlined by Rothrock will be utilized to collect Environmental Justice data across EDF on an annual basis. Rothrock analyzed all collected data, synthesized information into an annual report, and pinpointed areas for growth. If Rothrock’s recommendations from the Annual Environmental Justice Report are implemented, Environmental Defense Fund could further EJ initiatives and hold staff accountable in producing meaningful projects that serve the needs of disadvantaged communities. For example, implementing EJ and Equity trainings for all program staff will better equip EDF to address injustice well into the future. 

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