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Meiling Wu completed the product design for value chain carbon footprint tracing and the planning plan for enterprise green electricity and green certificate related businesses at Fii.


As a leading enterprise in the global digital economy, Fii plays a crucial role in addressing climate change and achieving China's low-carbon economic transformation. To achieve 80% operational carbon reduction and 80% renewable energy use by 2030, operational carbon neutrality by 2035, promoting zero carbon throughout the entire value chain. Fii enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Meiling Wu to design a low-carbon value chain platform and plan green electricity and green certification related businesses to assist in achieving its dual carbon strategic goals.


In Project 1, Meiling Wu first reviewed the project background, functional architecture, carbon footprint accounting methods, and relevant industry standards of the low-carbon value chain platform. Then, Meiling constructed a value chain carbon footprint data framework and focused on studying logistics carbon footprint calculation. By reviewing domestic and international logistics carbon footprint accounting methods and standards, especially the latest international standard ISO 14083, Meiling established a logistics carbon footprint calculation model and related data calculation logical framework, supplemented by a data validation flowchart based on timestamp technology.

In Project 2, Meiling first understood Fii's internal and external target requirements, green electricity demand, and investigated the procurement channels, market prices, transaction processes, and business models of green electricity green certificates. Then, she summarized Fii's feasible green electricity green certificate business models and made revenue forecasts for the green certificate purchasing business.

Potential Impact

The results of logistics carbon footprint accounting can be used to construct models such as logistics route optimization, logistics planning, and warehouse analysis, promoting logistics carbon reduction and green supply chain management for enterprises. The business planning of Green Electricity Green Certificate can help Fii determine procurement plans and achieve the goal of using renewable energy, and also provide Fii with a feasible and profitable business model in the short and long term, helping Fii enter the new energy and carbon sequestration market.

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