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Yujie Huang developed an automated, real-time and accurate product carbon footprint calculation platform at Fii.


Fii, a leading industrial internet company, is committed to leading sustainable transformation for the manufacturing industry and reducing the product carbon footprint( PCF), which is, however, hard to trace accurately and automatically due to the complexity of manufacturing processes and calculation methods. To better trace and reduce product carbon footprint, Fii enlisted EDF CC intern Yujie Huang to develop an automated, real-time, and accurate PCF calculation platform within a carbon management software for its industrial park.


In order to develop an automated, real-time and accurate PCF calculation platform, Yujie Huang mainly carried out the work in three parts:

Standards and literature research: The fellow conducted a systematic overview and summarized the standards, literature, and methods of PCF calculation and researched into model structure and computational logic of automated LCA calculation.

Manufacture process survey: Real-time and accurate PCF calculation requires modeling of the actual process. The fellow conducted field research of the industrial park, analyzed the raw material and process and designed the structure and functions of the calculation model and database.

Prototype design: The fellow detailedly designed the blueprint, prototype, and product requirement document of the PCF calculation platform.

Potential Impact

With the deployment of automated, real-time, and accurate PCF calculation platform in the industrial park of Fii, it becomes more efficient, and less laborious to track PCF and provide detailed and accurate information for the concerned clients. It will provide dynamic PCF data for the industrial park and Fii, promoting the efforts of carbon reduction and verifying the achievement. With the help of the platform, carbon emission of the industrial park is expected to reduce 8% per year.

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