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Fan Yang helped GE Aviation with wastewater management, energy usage, and carbon reduction.


  1. Help operators compile the instruction manual of the wastewater treatment equipment;
  2. Analyze the energy usage of the company, find the reasons for abnormal water consumption, then propose solutions;
  3. Introduce the background and policies of Carbon Reduction and give recommendations for the company's emission reduction.


  1. Understand the operating instructions of the wastewater treatment equipment and connect with the operator to summarize their operating experience; connect with the equipment contractor to discuss the working mechanism and record the operation steps of the equipment; and finally, discuss with the operator and the equipment contractor to compile the instruction manual.
  2. Collect the company’s electricity and water consumption details in the past two years and summarize the consumption trend. Record daily water usage and analyze the reasons for abnormal water consumption. Finally, connect with water supplier to repair the water tubes.
  3. Investigate the company's use of lighting, air conditioning, and natural gas to estimate if there is any unnecessary consumption; collect the worldwide regulation and policies about the Carbon Reduction; and form the visible presentations to report.

Potential Impact

  1. Help operators understand the operation mechanism of the wastewater treatment equipment and complete monthly checks and add the instruction manual into the company archive;
  2. Help the company fix the abnormal water consumption to water;
  3. Give suggestions for the company's future plan to reduce carbon emissions, and inspiration for saving energy in daily production and life.

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