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Zhiheng Chi initiated four energy-saving projects that could significantly improve energy efficiency at GE Aviation’s facilities.


GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, is a world-leading provider of jet engines and components. Located at Suzhou Industrial Park, GE Aviation (Suzhou). CO., Ltd aims to identify low to no-cost improvements effort at its facilities that provide reductions in energy consumption, operational cost, and environmental impact in response to its sustainable goals.


After conducting an initial energy audit for the two plants, Zhiheng identified huge potential energy-saving opportunities by delivering a “Treasure Hunt” on-site. Working closely with colleagues from the LEAN and Maintenance Department, Zhiheng trained over 20 employees to participate in the project and initiated two site activities.

Four projects are proposed, including:

  • Solar PV installation on Roof and Parking Lot
  • Material Change for Heat Treat Equipment
  • Air Storage Tank Designed for Air Compressor
  • Turn Off Equipment not in Use


The four projects, when fully implemented, could result in 1184,200 kWh of annual electricity savings, and 1070 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduction. Noticeably, two of the projects require no up-front investment but together could deliver 800,125 kWh of annual electricity savings. The total annual kWh savings account for a 6.4% reduction in energy consumption from the 2019 level.

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