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Supply Chain, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Mountain View, CA


Bridget worked within Google’s Global Procurement Organization on improving its scope 3 GHG accounting methodology; providing recommendations on engaging suppliers on Net Zero ambitions; and on identifying opportunities to scale Google’s circular economy.


Google’s Global Procurement Organization (GPO) is responsible for all indirect procurement, and touches many teams across the organization. Given its broad reach, there are many opportunity areas in which GPO is focusing to reach its Net Zero target. GPO aims to refine its scope 3 GHG accounting methodology, to provide recommendations on engaging suppliers on Google’s ambitious Net Zero goal, and to incorporate circular economy principles into its procurement practices to also reach this goal. GPO enlisted Bridget to address these goals.


Bridget improved GPO’s GHG accounting methodology by researching and recommending more accurate emission factors. She also recommended a revised accounting methodology for specific categories under scope 3 purchased goods and services emissions. She also reviewed and analyzed supplier engagement responses to determine which suppliers would be the best targets for initial engagement around Net Zero initiatives.

She also created a first-of-its-kind model that calculates the potential carbon impact of Google’s expanding real estate portfolio. The model allows users to perform scenario analyses of different types of real estate growth, incorporating carbon impacts associated with tenant improvement projects, retrofits, and various types of new build. Finally, she proposed a preliminary circular economy framework to be used with GPO, and modified for other product areas.

Potential Impact

Bridget’s research and recommendations on GHG accounting methodology will help GPO to calculate more accurate scope 3 emissions. Her analysis and recommendations for supplier engagement will help the marketing team to target more impactful engagement with their advertising agencies. The carbon model will enable the circular economy and real estate teams to quantify the carbon impact of future building plans and to strategize around decreasing impact through the use of existing buildings.

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