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Data Analysis, Financial Evaluation and Planning, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Sunnyvale, CA


Daniel Powell presented Google with a variety of cost-effective opportunities to reduce environmental impact in new areas of focus.


The American technology company Google, has made sustainability a core part of its identity since conception. The company has established itself as a leader in sustainable practices through initiatives such as the company's strong carbon offset program, and their firm commitment to procuring 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. Within this strong commitment is also an understanding that there are still a number of opportunities present for reducing environmental impacts in the areas of waste, water, and carbon intensity. EDF Climate Corps fellow Daniel Powell worked with Google's Real Estate and Workplace Services team to explore new and unique strategies to mitigate and offset these impacts.


Powell presented a variety of opportunities that focused on generating environmental benefits in multiple focus areas. These opportunities included:

    • Utilizing organic or bio-waste streams to generate value added products
    • Investigations of alternative carbon sequestration and climate resiliency strategies including habitat restoration and direct air CO2 capture
    • Water stewardship initiatives to balance and reduce water consumption

Powell’s assessments were based both on anticipated environmental benefits, and also financial feasibility.

Potential Impact

As the company continues to grow, opportunities including water stress mitigation, circular economy principles, and climate resilience strategies will continue to present themselves. The specific opportunities presented by Powell will provide a greater understanding of potential pathways for the company. In addition, Google's Real Estate and Workplace Services team now has a more thorough understanding of unique opportunities available to help contribute to the overall sustainability goals of the organization.

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