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Sunnyvale, CA


Silvia Sandoval Archila 1.) calculated Google’s Scope 3 emissions for the Procurement Organization; 2.) created a business case to tackle supply chain sustainability for Google’s indirect suppliers; 3.) helped ID mitigation goals/opportunities.


Scope 3 reporting is an opportunity to keep ahead of the competitors, to be seen as a leader in the technology sector, strengthen supplier and customer relationships and manage supply chain risks. Google began calculating its annual carbon footprint in 2006 and became the first major carbon neutral company. In 2018, to align with industry best practices for Scope 3 reporting, Google extended its reporting
boundaries to include more emissions associated with other categories. Likewise, As part of its commitment to sustainability, Google wants to continue to look for collaborative partnerships and innovative opportunities to help create a clean and healthy planet for everyone. During the Summer of 2020 and under the most challenging times, Google enlisted EDF Climate Corps Fellow Silvia Sandoval Archila to
identify opportunities for the Google Procurement Organization to take action and reduce Google’s value chain emissions.


Ms. Sandoval collected, grouped and modelled the data on Google’s indirect supplier emissions by creating a method using primary and secondary data based on human expertise, an internal factor to differentiate Google' supplier engagement out of its buildings and global spend in order to identify hotspots. As a result, 5 main areas were identified across 18 relevant sub-categories studied. Additionally, She provided a roadmap for the organization to establish mitigation goals and evaluate reduction opportunities with top suppliers.


By engaging Google’s supply chain, the company might pinpoint risks, identify opportunities, meet GHG targets and ensure a sustainable sourcing model.

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