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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Clean and Renewable Energy, Engagement and Behavior Change




Nashville, TN


Evan Kantor evaluated on-site fuel cell power generation and developed a culture-change strategy for HCA's energy conservation initiative.


Evan Kantor was asked to find energy savings and boost employee engagement for Hospital Corporation of America.


In his culture-change work, Kantor examined ways to make sustainable behavior second nature for busy hospital employees, establishing a roadmap for an employee engagement campaign focused on energy conservation and improved waste management.  After speaking with employees across the organization, Kantor recommended piloting the campaign in collaboration with one hospital's newly formed Green Team. Kantor also analyzed the benefits and risks of installing one-megawatt natural gas-powered fuel cells at two HCA hospitals.

Potential Impact

Kantor's engagement initiatives should boost energy in the years to come. Installing the natural-gas cells could save HCA $1.8 million in operating and utility costs, as well as 1,100 metric tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions.

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