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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Chicago, IL


Apryl identified and compared available tools to aid in JLL decarbonization consulting projects at the building and portfolio level and determined a common approach.


Data sources for marginal and forecasted greenhouse gas emissions factors from electricity were reviewed and a common method was proposed for integrating different sources into decarbonization planning and design consulting services. 


  • Compared existing sources for estimating both marginal and forecasted GHG emissions rates for electricity.
  • Compiled a list of existing clean energy targets and renewable portfolio standards (RPS) by state, city, and utility. Additionally,  Apryl reviewed net metering mandates for each state, city, and select utilities in the U.S. to identify where onsite renewable energy is best supported.
  • Generated a white paper to outline a common method for integrating marginal GHG emissions factors into building design consulting as well as which source of forecasted emissions factors to use in decarbonization strategy planning. 

Potential Impact

Using a common method for integrating marginal and forecasted GHG emissions will improve data consistency and result in more informed decision-making. Additionally, Apryl's comprehensive documentation regarding regional clean energy standards, renewable portfolio standards, and net metering mandates will allow JLL’s sustainability strategy teams to make more informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

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