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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Financial Evaluation and Planning, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Chicago, IL


Isaac Knipfing evaluated how JLL can enhance its reputation, market position, and revenue generation while helping commercial real estate clients reduce risk, drive business value and reduce the impact of their building portfolios.


JLL’s Sustainability Advisory Services helps commercial real estate clients navigate the risks and complexities of reducing the environmental impact of their building portfolios while maximizing their value and performance.

Isaac’s goal for his fellowship was to create a go-to-market strategy that determined how to increase net new business to JLL’s Capital Markets and Sustainability Advisory services by integrating service offerings across each team, leveraging sustainability as a differentiator. 


Isaac framed his research and conversations revolved around the following questions:

  • What knowledge gaps do Capital Markets employees have regarding ESG and sustainability?
  • What knowledge gap do Sustainability Advisory employees have regarding Capital Markets and Valuations?
  • What suite of high-impact and low-effort sustainability offerings could be paired with JLL’s platform for capital markets?
  • What high-impact, low-effort offerings have already been created that are mapped to the capital markets marketing cycle?
  • What stories and best practices can be leveraged and elevated to help achieve the project goal?

Through stakeholder interviews and secondary research, Isaac created a stakeholder map, and competitive analysis which illuminated the following key insights:

  • Before further developing a suite of bundled offerings, the team needs to develop cross-departmental fluency to have informed and strategic internal and external conversations about ESG and valuations.
  • JLL’s EU counterparts had experience developing a set of services that could be developed and sold using the capital markets and brokerage platform. The North American team has an opportunity to replicate and translate these successes.
  • JLL has an opportunity to be first to market with these bundled offerings in the North American Market.

Potential Impact

Executing on the strategy Isaac developed will create a shared understanding of ways of working together between sustainability advisory, capital markets and brokerage and will improve each team’s ability to pitch and promote sustainability services to clients.

This will enhance JLL’s reputation and market position of as a provider of sustainable real estate solutions and thought leader in the industry. Ultimately, this will drive revenue generation while helping JLL clients reduce risk, driving business value and reducing impact. 

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