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3,700,000 kWh

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

3,370 metric tons


Jia Xu identified energy-saving opportunities in JLL’s own corporate office portfolio.


Jia Xu spent her summer at JLL in the Energy and Sustainability Services team supporting their Portfolio Energy Management programs to reducing JLL clients’ energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs through operational improvements, capital planning and procurement alternatives. Her primary responsibilities included the identification and analysis of energy conservation measures (ECMs) to be pursued across JLL’s own corporate office portfolio and a banking client’s portfolio.


After interviewing facility managers, reviewing existing utility data and researching lease terms covering the utility expense payments for the JLL corporate portfolio, Xu determined that plug load management offered the most promising efficiency opportunities for this portfolio. She analyzed a variety of projects including installing motion sensor power strips, retrofitting task lights with LEDs, removing portable space heaters and upgrading company phones.

Xu started working on the banking client’s portfolio by performing a walk-through of their largest building, and followed up with in-depth interval data profiling and analysis using JLL’s IntelliCommand. Her assessment of ECM potential involved HVAC setpoints and schedule changes, air handling unit variable-frequency drive adjustments and the installation of HVAC override buttons.

Potential Impact

Together, Xu’s recommendations have the potential to save over 3.7 million kilowatt hours of electricity and 3,370 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year, leading to a projected annual savings of about $359,000.

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