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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Washington, DC


Jonathan Polo spent the summer building tools to support client reporting and decision making for JLL.


As a leader in the commercial real estate industry, JLL is in a unique position to leverage client’s portfolios to meet important climate goals. Crafting sustainability strategies is a growing segment of the solutions clients expect JLL to offer and the tools developed by Jonathan will allow JLL to quickly support client’s needs.


The Sustainability team had a need for an industry agnostic Scope 3 calculator tool that prioritized data flexibility and aligned with JLL data collection methods. Jonathan researched emission factor databases and leveraged industry reporting standards to build a scope 3 emissions calculator, culminating in an emissions dashboard where clients can see an overview of their emissions portfolio. Additionally, in collaboration with senior project managers, Jonathan developed a framework for an ESG disclosure matrix. Jonathan defined common ESG themes to sort indicators and easily compare ESG frameworks (GRI, TCFD, CDP, etc.).

Potential Impact

The tools Jonathan spearheaded will allow clients to quickly identify emission hotspots in their organization and align their ESG reporting through comparative assessments.  As a result, the Sustainability team will more effectively connect clients’ sustainability goals with the solutions and services offered by JLL.

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