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Industrial Energy Efficiency






Xiang Tan helped Legrand develop an energy management program by proposing numerous energy saving hardware upgrades, including better compressed air systems.


Xiang Tan worked with Legrand at its manufacturing facility in Dongguan City, China, to develop an Energy Management Program.


In order to save energy on equipment, Tan identified and recommended projects including a compressed air system upgrade, a SMT assembly line insulation project and a roof insulation project. Tan also helped analyze whether Legrand should install a LNG Stove in the kitchen area to replace the diesel one. Based on data collection and analysis, Tan scheduled a timeline for each project and conducted experiments to verify the potential energy savings. While these projects are still in progress, Tan will keep focusing on the next step of each project to ensure that the energy management program is executed successfully. Legrand will continue working to make progress to achieve its 5 percent energy saving goal by the end of this year.

Potential Impact

These projects could save the facility up to 183,000 kWh and 184 metric tons of carbon emission annually. Based on a 3-year-time horizon, these projects could save nearly $130,000 in total.

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